FTC May Hold Zuckerberg Personally Responsible For Facebook Privacy Failures

According to NBC, FTC officials are discussing whether and how to hold Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg personally accountable for the company's history of mismanaging users private data. However, NBC said its sources wouldn't elaborate on what measures are specifically under consideration.

Facebook Groups Reselling Fraud Services

The now-removed groups had more than 385,000 members in total and offered a variety of illegal services, from credit card information and identity theft to website hacking and email phishing, according to cybersecurity researchers at Talos, the threat intelligence division for the technology company Cisco.

Judge Orders Fairfax Police To Stop Collecting Data From License Plate Readers

The ruling followed a related finding by the Virginia Supreme Court last year, meaning the case could affect how long Virginia police can keep license plate data. The ruling by Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Robert J. Smith is a victory for privacy rights advocates who argued that the police could track a person's movements by compiling the times and exact locations of a car anytime its plate was captured by a license plate reader

United States v. Favio Gasperini: The Click-fraud Botnet Case

The court rejected the challenge to the authentication of Internet Archive screenshots of websites registered to defendant for use in the click fraud scheme.